1 May 2018

Larry Levan's Legendary Thunderstorm Intro-Mix

Over Long and completely 
random moment that 
Larry Levan 
created at the Garage on 
a couple of occasions. 
One of those WTF moments 
no one understood at the time. 
Yet, it became the stuff of legend. 
Completely recreated from an old 
Cassette recording with the full impact 
of what Larry was trying accomplish. 
I remember everybody standing 
around on the floor awe struck 
and dumbfounded...
And then...
The Beats started the crescendo !
That was that.
I promised a friend I would eventually 
get around to recreating this. 
Enjoy Michael Vinyl.


  1. I can imagine how it sounded at the Garage, like a real storm. Thanks.

  2. 10000000 gracias por compartir que Dios le pague, saludos.