20 May 2017

Tony Pacino - Love Me More (Colourzone Extended Edit)

Turn on the Bump & Grind
disco moves for this one.

Dazzle - It's Not The Same (Colourzone Redux Mix)

Another Re-Up Request.
Sorry If I do not respond as
quickly as I used to,
life is busy.

Beautiful Romantic Disco track
produced by
Stan Lucas & Leroy Burges.
Vocals by Stan Lucas.

Chained To Your Love (Colourzone Edit)

They only put out a single album
but wow, what an album.

The Mega Truth Medley (Colourzone Medley Mix)

An Oldie...Pure Soul !!!

 01 Helplessly
02 Come On In
03 You Got Me Hummin'
04 Love At First Sight
05 So Much For Love
06 I'm Hopelessly In Love With You
07 Lovin' You Is Killin' Me

I Go To Rio (Colourzone Carnaval Extended Remix)

Aren't we supposed to be 
havin' a FIESTAAAA ???

Take Love Where You Find It (Colourzone Roll Along Slowly Mix)

Perfect for that
Roller Skating Rink !!!

Funky Weekend (Colourzone Extended Edit) A CLASSIC !!!


Lady T. - Definition Of Down (Colourzone Remix)

Another Discofied Slow Jam.

He's My Man (Colourzone Impact Edit)

Another from the early edits stash.

In and Out (Colourzone Disco Break Edit)

Willie Hutch is

B.J. - The Real Thing (Colourzone Edit)

Re-Up Request !!!
One of my early edits.
A monster tune
By the Johnson's !!!!

Donna Washington - Going For The Glow (Dj Colourzone Rework)

Re-Upped and Revised Remix
of an otherwise slow jam
I made into a more
dance floor oriented number.

3 April 2017

Re-Up - Short & Sweet Edits Vol. 1 (Dj Colourzone Mixes)

The Short & Sweet Series was made
possible by music cleaned and compiled by
Simon of Disco Connection Blog.
I selected my favorite cuts and
made extended or alternate Edits.

Re-Up - Short & Sweet Edits Vol. 2 (Dj Colourzone Mixes)

More from Disco Connection 
45 singles compilation series 
Re-edited and extended by Colourzone.

11 March 2017

10 March 2017

MAKE 1,2 (Colourzone Extended Edit)

You know when they say
that track sounds like a Garage track !
Well this track is exactly that !!!
A Paradise Garage style number
that is sure to make you 
go into a deep groove.

Re-Up - Allspice - Hungry For Your Love (Colourzone Fat Free Edit)

Funky Groover that was 
way to short to really enjoy 
on the dance floor.
Also included the 
original version and

9 March 2017

Re-Up...ANGER (Colourzone Re-Cut)

Highly under rated Marvin 
track from the 
"Here My Dear" Lp.
Otherwise also known as 
"The Divorce Album".

8 February 2017

Sky High '79 (Colourzone Cut)

This track had a
drop in the middle
into a ballad style segment.
it had to be cut in order to
turn it into a proper
12 Inch edit.