10 August 2015

It Was a Very Good Year, I'm a Foster Child, Touch Me In The Morning (Colourzone Special Edit)

Taken from the 
Marlena Shaw Lp 
Take A Bite 
"Seventeen Suite".
Edited without 
Love Dancin', 
which received it's own 
12'' release.

Munich Machine - Love To Love You Baby (Colourzone Special 12'' Disco Edit)

A more upbeat version 
than Donnas.
Very Tasty work 
by the band that was 
the background for most 
of all of 
Donna Summers 
Giorgio produced albums.

7 August 2015

Bamalama (Colourzone Special 12'' Disco Edit)

This one was a bit tough 
The latter parts of the track 
have pitch shifts that do not 
permit a straight cut and paste 
style edit.
So I had to rearrange 
the entire track.
Hope you enjoy it.

The Magic Is You '77 (Colourzone 12'' Disco Edit)

  Beautiful John Davis
track now in it's own
12 inch Disco format.