9 November 2015

10 August 2015

It Was a Very Good Year, I'm a Foster Child, Touch Me In The Morning (Colourzone Special Edit)

Taken from the 
Marlena Shaw Lp 
Take A Bite 
"Seventeen Suite".
Edited without 
Love Dancin', 
which received it's own 
12'' release.

Munich Machine - Love To Love You Baby (Colourzone Special 12'' Disco Edit)

A more upbeat version 
than Donnas.
Very Tasty work 
by the band that was 
the background for most 
of all of 
Donna Summers 
Giorgio produced albums.

7 August 2015

Bamalama (Colourzone Special 12'' Disco Edit)

This one was a bit tough 
The latter parts of the track 
have pitch shifts that do not 
permit a straight cut and paste 
style edit.
So I had to rearrange 
the entire track.
Hope you enjoy it.

The Magic Is You '77 (Colourzone 12'' Disco Edit)

  Beautiful John Davis
track now in it's own
12 inch Disco format.

30 July 2015

What's Your World - Ware Version (Colourzone Extended Edit) Re-Up

 A more contemporary version 
Leon Ware.
Simply tasty slow jam.
Cuddle up.

What's Your World (Colourzone Original Version Edit) Re-Up

There is a copy on the net 
floating about with a dubbed 
disco beat on top which sounds 
like a train wreck.
Being more of a blues-soul 
number instead of disco, 
I had to track down the original 
45 single and re-edit it.
Very shaky BPM 
in this original version 
but well worth the effort.
Beautiful vocals, 
delivered with true
heartache anguish.

Life Saver (Colourzone Disco Break Edit) Re-Up

Another Re-Up Request 
from my old edits.

In The Shadows Of Love (Colourzone Re-Cut) Re-Up

Re-Up Request.

22 July 2015

24 May 2015

Jimmy Michaels DISCO EXTRAVAGANZA June 2015 Edition

 Brand New June Edition 
Disco Extravaganza.
Jimmy Michaels once again 
kickin' ass and 
takin' names with 
some exclusive mixes and 
his unique mixing style.
Please support the show 
so Jimmy can keep entertaining us 
once a month with these 
incredible shows.
Now go and enjoy it !

18 May 2015

27 April 2015

23 April 2015

Brothers By Choice - She Puts The Ease Back Into Easy (Colourzone Disco Version)

Hard to find Disco Soul.
Arranged By – Clay Drayton, David Blumberg
    Backing Vocals – Patty Brooks, Betsy Powell
    Bass – Clay Drayton, Henry Fields
    Drums – Jimmy Gordon, Scotty Harris
    Guitar – Clay Drayton, David T. Walker
    Horns – Chuck Findley, Quipman Dennis, Ron Starr
    Keyboards – John Barns, Pat Gammon
    Mastered By – Ed Semanko, Stan Ross
    Percussion – Gary Coleman
    Photography By – James H. Wait
    Producer – Barnett Williams, E.J. Gurren, Stan Ross
    Vocals – Chuck Higgins

19 March 2015

Relight My Fire (Jimmy Michaels Special Remix) featured on DISCO EXTRAVAGANZA March Show

Mind blowing Remix 
featured exclusively on 
March Show.
If you want Jimmy to keep on 
broadcasting his 
fantastic show 
go over and comment on his 
Page here.

DISCO EXTRAVAGANZA March Bonus Hour (Not in previous Broadcast)

March Extra Bonus Hour.
Jimmy has sent us this delicious 
extra hour of music 
mixed in beautiful 

7 March 2015

Disco Extravaganza is BACK ! Featuring Jimmy Michaels LIVE

 After almost 9 or 10 years since I first herd 
Jimmy spin LIVE on the original Disco Extravaganza 
he is BACK !

Download the first show back 
below on Soundcloud.

21 February 2015

Rocking Me In Your Arms Colourzone Disco Break Edit (Requested Re-Up)

The original track of this song 
contained some rather very nasty 
drop downs in tempo that 
it almost sounded like it 
did not know whether it wanted to be 
a dance track or a ballad. 
I included the Original 
for inspection.
I took the scalpel to the drops 
in tempo and 
rebuilt it into this mover.

8 February 2015

Get Down (Comin' Down) '79

From the same album that 
brought us "Mainline" 
comes another tasty single that 
was just to short 
to enjoy.