22 September 2014


Myself and my good friend Simon John (DC2012)
have decided to join forces
and create a new blog.

We Are Now Open For Business !

Tom Savarese In The Mix Part 1 (78 mins.) Superb !

Tom Savarese is a DJ best known for his role in the 1970s Disco music scene. He was born on April 26, 1944 in New York City, and grew up in the Bronx neighborhood. He eventually attended Fordham University.[1] Savarese began his career as a DJ in 1969, playing apartment and house parties. Over time he became the full-time first professional Disco DJ in the US, and doing remixes for record labels in NYC.[2] By the late-1970s Savarese was interviewed as an expert in the Disco music scene by major publications, including the New York Times[3] and Billboard Magazine,[4] calling Savarese the "key New York Disco DJ" in 1977.[5] Billboard Magazine named Savarese the New York DJ of the Year that year,[6] as well as national DJ of the year in 1976 and 1977. Savarese' remixes also charted in the top 20 tracks of the New York Daily News Disco charts.[7] The clubs Savarese played during this era included 12 west,[6] and famously turned down the opportunity to become the first DJ to play and hold residence at the club Studio 54.[2][8][9] He was also one of the first DJs to play live during New York City fashion runway shows.
From Wikipedia.

I will always remember seeing his name on that 
Chic 12 inch of Dance, Dance, Dance 
for the very first time.
I tried to go to 12 West once to 
hear him play live but I could not get 
into the Club.
I  was only 17 or 18 then and 
spent my time going to 
listen to the best Dj's around NYC's 
Club Scene.
I finally heard one of his sets 
on Cassette in 1979 as usual 
from a guy who knew a guy 
and so on, and finally realized 
what I had missed.
Most Dj's today have no clue 
what it was like mixing records 
during that time period 
from 76 to about 80 
with those old decks and 
rotary knob Bozak mixers.

I don't recall when I came across these 
2 sets but it shows how Savarese 
was never afraid to play what he wanted 
versus what was charting and popular.
And don't get me wrong,
you got the hits too !
In my humble opinion 
this is the trademark of a 
great DJ who is on 
the leading edge 
and not just 
following a blueprint.
Get educated some.

Enjoy the journey !

18 September 2014

4 September 2014

My Name Is Giorgio !...From Here To Eternity (Colourzone TGIF Mix)

Made this for Greg Womack 
of Womack Reworks around 
April/May 2014.
He was working on a
"Thank God It's Friday" 
Remix project.

R.I.P. Greg.