3 November 2013

V.A.- DiscoVery Vol. 4 (A Colourzone Compilation) 2008

One Mo' Time.


  1. Dreamineyez

    Great selections here. Love the Notations (My favorite from them is "Think Before You Stop". Val Young first heard of her when she sang on 2Pac's "To Live And Die In L.A.". Then I found this little gem on a Motown collection but you got the full 12" version which I did not have. Interesting about this song it hit #1 on the Billboard dance chart on the day I was born :)

  2. Many many thanks DjC, some tasty lookin' Jams amongst all 4 volumes.
    Regards DC

  3. Love these compilations DJ-can't wait to hear "Shack Up"!!!