27 May 2018

RE-UP...Wilbert Longmire - Black Is The Colour (Colourzone Deeper Blackness Mix)

I can never get enough of this
Disco-Jazz masterpiece.
Extended it even longer
than the 8 minute
Tappan Zee 12" to a
12:04 frenzy.
I also cut out the parts that
I thought paused the action
too much.


  1. WILBERT LONGMIRE - Black Is The Color, damn I was sooooooooooo disappointed when only a short version of this appeared on a Mastercuts Jazz Funk Classics CD series, instead of the full version stated as mentioned here, but thanxxx to U we NOW have an extended can't get enough version of pure ecstasy ... Good job COLOURZ on this, absolut madness .... it will be in my pod and i know some friends who will want this too ....

  2. Excellent work Colurzone! You took this track to a whole new level. I love how all these classic Jazz guys in the 70s jumped on the disco bandwagon - Herbie Mann, Hank Crawford, Alphonse Mouzon, Idris Muhammad, Jimmy McGriff, Roy Ayers all made some of the greatest jazz inspired disco I've ever heard. Loving this track, Thank you

  3. Brilliant work on an amazing cut! Cheers!