11 October 2013

Re-Up Dj Secret Weapons Vol. 3 (Colourzone Compilation)

This is the final Volume of this series
for now, will create more in future.


  1. Another excellent collection, my favorite 202 Machine Get Up Rock Your Body

  2. Well-known tracks, but I was really happy to see Shake's "parce que je't aime" included. Shake has released some pretty nice disco gems and he sung the original theme "Trocadero Bleu Citron" on the French pressing of "Trocadero Lemon Blue" soundtrack. May I hope for a longer edit of "parce que je't aime"? There aren't any "disco version" 12inches of Shake as far as i know.

  3. WOW great batch of cool tracks ... TY COLOURZ for this posting ...