27 May 2018

Keep On Smilin' (Colourzone Hybrid Mix)

Incredible track from
the Soul Train days.
I always thought the LP version
was superior to the Remix.
 However for Dj's it was hard to
mix out of the LP
version because of the
lack of breaks towards the
end of the track.
I just added the Intro, Middle and End breaks
from the Remix version
to make it easier for Dj's.


  1. This is my favorite Carrie Lucas song. I purchased it on itunes awhile ago and I have to say your version sounds a whole lot better. Whoever did the remastering for itunes could take some lessons from you.

  2. I always preferred the original '77 version, too. But this combination is workin'! Agree with the sound quality. CD versions of "Keep Smilin'" are not listenable and, really, buying disco from i-tunes (never liked them personally) is a total waste of money: their sound SUCKS!

  3. Such a great track, nicely reworked here, love your remix, thanks COLOURZ !!!!

  4. Tienes razón, la versión long Play de este track, del disco de Carrie Lucas, en mucho mejor que la versión 12", aunque se mueve mucho y era un reto mezclarla, mucho manejo del pitch, Gracias.

    Fernando Zárate

  5. perhaps this is an awaysome track....
    can you repost it? the link is broken, and I'm curious about this mix!
    Renato from Brazil