30 October 2013

Jimmy Michaels Presents The Dan Tanna Songbook For Living Vol. 2 (Comp. 2012)

The 2nd and final Volume 
produced by
Jimmy Michaels
on the
Dan Tanna Songbook.
(Dunno If there will be more).
Filled with fantastic orchestral
grooves for the
lover of underground and
library disco cuts.


  1. WOW and WOW another crazy batch of cool library disco stuff ... i like it very much ... THANKS COLORZ for getting this available ... FANTASTIC !!!

  2. Another fab collection of orchestral disco, next to soul disco, orchestral disco is my 2nd fav. Thanks Colourzone

  3. thank you for sharing this wonderful collection. cb

  4. Can't find words to thank you for this! The music in both compilatons is amazing! Jimmy earned my respect years ago, but these compilations are pure musical history. If only they made music like this today...Totally speeechless.

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  6. Super-Thanks to Jimmy Michaels and Dan Tanna Songbook and Dj Coulourzone and the boogie flavor unit first Generation ! .GREAT DiSCO ORCHESTRA , i like this version of Tony Valor .THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!! :)

  7. Like the 1st Edition this Compilation again presents from Beginning to End only good Tracks !
    The selection & order of Tracks is such well chosen that I never had to skip, just let it flow...
    Really ALL Tracks are great and of course among them I have my personal favorites.
    Like "Lalo Schifrin - Chile Caliente", didn't know before and oh man, this one's still blowin' my mind...
    I love to give soooo much THANKS for posting this exquisite selection of Tracks !
    cheers, Marc

  8. Dear friend, first of all congratulations for your fantastic blog! One question: is it possible to have the 2 Jimmy Michaels Dan Tanna songbooks in Lossless format (Wave or Flac)? I can offer some rarities in return. Hope to hear from You, all the best from Italy, Lorenzo Settepanella