9 October 2013

Calling Planet Earth (Colourzone Edit)

Extended from the
Sweet taste Of Sin


  1. I thought it was kinda cheesy when I first heard it the other day. I like this re-edit better than the original. Like how you emphasized Dennis Coffey's killer guitar riffs. Never heard of Dennis Coffey till I first CJ & Co's Devil's Gun for the first time, Since hearing his other works have to say IMO he's up there with the greatest guitarists of all time though my personal will always be Slash. Nice Work Colourzone!

  2. SIMPLY BRILLIANT, it is not the same song anymore, luv it very much this way, + you've managed to do an extended longer version of it, lets face it, it was way too short, + the good parts sounds now more groovier, NOW WE HAVE AN ESSENTIAL DISCO DANCEFLOOR CLASSIC, even the piano jam does'nt sound the same, exclusive reworked mix from the master ... TY COLOURZ for this and the time you've spent on it ... doesn't stink anymore (kidding) this one is going in the pod ... making my evenings ... "CALLING PLANET EARTH" ...

  3. dreamin' & Chris...I always thought it was a bit cheesy as well, but what really bothered me was that when it went into the dummy chorus it was destroying the flow of the groove !