7 March 2018

Re-Up...Don't Walk Away (Dj Colourzone Extended Edit)

Super Soul with Feeling
and Conviction.
They just don't make'm like
this anymore.


  1. Another excellent choice from your collection of rare extended mix, new to me again, what year is that release, luv it very much, many thanxxx ...

  2. Chris I appreciate your wonderful comments, They keep me going brother !
    As far as the Johson album this track was on that would be his 1976 self titled solo effort.
    I don't have the entire album, I had to beg a user for a decent WAv of this file to accomplish the mix.
    I liked this track so much becauseI could feel the angst in his voice as he is begging through this track.
    I love those gutsy tracks that are not afraid to bear their soul in more ways than one.
    Thanks again for your commentaries and have a great day !

  3. TY for the infos, yeah luv too the magic of this one, Chris !