17 September 2013

Dana - Fairytale (Colourzone Disco Break Edit)

Sweet Disco Pop.


  1. Wow, Eurovision gets the extended treatment! I always liked this track and it deserved a "disco version". Brilliant edit! "I do believe, I do believe, they do come true" (LoL). Thumbs up.

  2. At the same era, there was a song (pop/soul/disco mode) I used to have at the same tape with this one. Performed by a chorus (or sth.) The catchy phrase was "I cannot take it anymore/oh-no-no-no-not anymore/ i cannot take it anymore/yeh-yeh). Been trying to find it for decades, with no luck so far. Unfortunately I have no clue who performed this or what the title is and the tape died years ago so I can't have a sound clip. (at some points there's the phrase "Ave Maria" - but I could be wrong -LOL) If it rings a bell by chance, drop me a line, Paul.

  3. Maravilloso track, 14 años tenis cuando estaba de moda esta canción, gracias por el recuerdo.

    Fernando Zárate