18 September 2013

Ask Me (Colourzone re-Edit)

Go ahead...Ask Me !
fantastic classic on
both fronts,
Disco and Soul.


  1. CLASSY ONE ... thanx luv this one ...

  2. Thank you very much DISCOSOUL CARGO and MISERY1...You have a great Blog and many times I find tracks I love and I want to re-edit on your blog !

  3. Living in the surrounding Philadelphia area, I'm a huge fan of the Philly Soul sound. This Bobby Martin produced track is another example of how great the Philly sound is and the impact it had on disco. Always enjoy your work Colourzone, especially when you do Philly tracks :)

  4. Funny you say that, I love the Philly sound even more now than in my younger years, goes to show the quality and brilliance of what they put out all those years. I love Motown as well but philly in a lot of ways has become a bit superior in my books because it was not played to death. During the 90's Motown was very popular but Philly still enjoyed that underground quality to it's sound. Cheers.

  5. I'm still in my youth (27) and only started to get into this music about 7 years ago. My mom was a huge disco/R&B/Soul fan (She met my father at Second Story (Philly's answer to 54 back in the day) and she was neighbors with Linda Creed. So after going through my 90s alt rock, Metal, & Hip-Hop phases I eventually got into soul while going through my Mom's music. I instantly fell in love with TSOP music after first hearing the Intruders "Cowboys to Girls" one of my mom's favorites. Eventually she turned me onto disco music and I was hooked. I've had the pleasure of speaking with Earl Young and Kenny Gamble and learned a great deal from them about their experiences and I treasure the music even more. Keep doing what your doing, most of this music I am hearing for the first time and I thank you for exposing younger generations to some of the finest music ever made.

  6. 27? Well you have restored my hope in humanity. Perhaps the world did not reach it's peak in the 70's after all and all we have is a period of valleys before we have peaks again.
    You see the 80's were slightly less creative than the 70's and the 90's less than the 80's and the new millenium...well let's just leave it at that. Altho there are glimmers of brilliance here and there on ocassion.