29 August 2013

Silent Lover (Colourzone Extended Edit)

If you caught Mylie Cyrus
at the MTV VMA's
last weekend,
then you know what
sexy is NOT.
This track embodies
sexiness without that
skank factor
From a time when classy
was also sexy !


  1. COOL, very nice extended mix, i love the way it was reworked, TY COLOR, superb, and yes sexier then that very easy to do with no talents performance from Mis Cyrus ...

  2. This is one of my all-time favourite tracks of Boney M, together with "Never Change Lovers", "Sunny" and "Take the Heat Off Me". I was hoping for a long version of any of these, so you MADE MY DAY! Love the quality and the stucture you gave it. Zillion thanks!

  3. Wow this is super, I really dig this one of my all time favourite songs reworked. And yes, Miley Cyrus was quite skanky.