6 November 2013

V.A.- DiscoVery Vol. 5 (A Colourzone Compilation) 2008

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COLOURZONE VINYL REMASTERS: Analog Beauty In A Digital Cesspool

My New Project is to
document my remasters.
I will be putting up
albums which I have remastered
or that are on cue to
receive the treatment in the not
too distant future.
No Requests Please
this is a showroom site only
for showcasing my collection.

18 October 2013

22 September 2013

Spotlight Remix - I Caught Your Act (Disco Purrfection Version By Dj Disco Cat)

Dee-Leecious Extended Version of
the Hues Corporation Classic.
Kickin' up above and beyond
the 4:31 time that was
featured on the official
promo 12 inch.
I was looking around youtube
recently when I came across the
DjDiscoCatV2 Channel.
I was pleasantly surprised to see
Great respectfully done
Remixes and Edits of
many of my favourite tracks.
Please go check him out and see
all the goodies he has to offer overthere.
Thank you for this track
and a Meeeaaooowww
to you.

6 September 2013

Magnificent Dancing (Colourzone Reproduction Of A Larry Levan Live Garage Remix)

I was priviledged to have been able to visit
the Paradise Garage a few times
between 1979 and 1982.
It was during those visits
that I got to experience first hand
the genius of Larry Levan.
This Mix is a result of one of
those nights when Larry had
worked out his own remix of
this Magnificent track.
I recall looking around at one point
and seeing everybody
Deep in a Trance, since he
had extended this track
for at least 20 minutes on
his Reel 2 Reel Deck and then
proceeded to add live
reverb and echo effects.
It blew me away and it has
forever remained recorded
into my brain.
This is my reproduction.

29 August 2013

Silent Lover (Colourzone Extended Edit)

If you caught Mylie Cyrus
at the MTV VMA's
last weekend,
then you know what
sexy is NOT.
This track embodies
sexiness without that
skank factor
From a time when classy
was also sexy !

23 August 2013

ITALO DISCO MIX Part 1 "The Buildup" - Dj Colourzone

The very first instalment of the
This one is called "The Buildup"
because it contains
tracks starting at 100 BPM.
I will be posting the following
volumes as I have time
to get them done.