20 May 2017

Tony Pacino - Love Me More (Colourzone Extended Edit)

Turn on the Bump & Grind
disco moves for this one.

Dazzle - It's Not The Same (Colourzone Redux Mix)

Another Re-Up Request.
Sorry If I do not respond as
quickly as I used to,
life is busy.

Beautiful Romantic Disco track
produced by
Stan Lucas & Leroy Burges.
Vocals by Stan Lucas.

Chained To Your Love (Colourzone Edit)

They only put out a single album
but wow, what an album.

The Mega Truth Medley (Colourzone Medley Mix)

An Oldie...Pure Soul !!!

 01 Helplessly
02 Come On In
03 You Got Me Hummin'
04 Love At First Sight
05 So Much For Love
06 I'm Hopelessly In Love With You
07 Lovin' You Is Killin' Me

I Go To Rio (Colourzone Carnaval Extended Remix)

Aren't we supposed to be 
havin' a FIESTAAAA ???

Take Love Where You Find It (Colourzone Roll Along Slowly Mix)

Perfect for that
Roller Skating Rink !!!

Funky Weekend (Colourzone Extended Edit) A CLASSIC !!!