27 May 2018

RE-UP...Star Gazer Colourzone Extended Edit

Shake your rump 
to the 
Funk !

RE-UP...Things Are Gonna Get Better (Dj Colourzone Extended Edit)

Seems like I might have gotten my Mojo Back.
First inspiration I've had in 4 months.
Classic Philly Number.
Respectfully extended, enjoy.

Keep On Smilin' (Colourzone Hybrid Mix)

Incredible track from
the Soul Train days.
I always thought the LP version
was superior to the Remix.
 However for Dj's it was hard to
mix out of the LP
version because of the
lack of breaks towards the
end of the track.
I just added the Intro, Middle and End breaks
from the Remix version
to make it easier for Dj's.

RE-UP...Wilbert Longmire - Black Is The Colour (Colourzone Deeper Blackness Mix)

I can never get enough of this
Disco-Jazz masterpiece.
Extended it even longer
than the 8 minute
Tappan Zee 12" to a
12:04 frenzy.
I also cut out the parts that
I thought paused the action
too much.

RE-UP...Rising Sun (Colourzone Extended Edit)

From the DC Vaults of 
British Jazz-Funk 
comes this lovely track 
that was unknown to me 
until Simon introduced me to it.
In much need of re-arraging and extending 
as well. 
Now completely ready to just slap on the 
decks for dancing non-stop.

RE-UP...Richard Evans - Burning Spear (Colourzone Extended Edit)

Richard Evans Superfunky Jazzed Up
Version of the S.O.U.L. Classic
simply delicious !

4 May 2018

RE-UP - Knights In White Satin (Colourzone 12'' Mix)

Here is a 12'' Version 
taken from the LP Suite 
and edited without 
the other parts.
the title is also a departure from
the original by exchanging
Nights for Knights and
completely changing the

1 May 2018

Re- Up...The Impressions - Our Love Goes On And On (Colourzone Disco Version)

Re-Up by Request.
Done in 2012.

Larry Levan's Legendary Thunderstorm Intro-Mix

Over Long and completely 
random moment that 
Larry Levan 
created at the Garage on 
a couple of occasions. 
One of those WTF moments 
no one understood at the time. 
Yet, it became the stuff of legend. 
Completely recreated from an old 
Cassette recording with the full impact 
of what Larry was trying accomplish. 
I remember everybody standing 
around on the floor awe struck 
and dumbfounded...
And then...
The Beats started the crescendo !
That was that.
I promised a friend I would eventually 
get around to recreating this. 
Enjoy Michael Vinyl.